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The Future of Green Spaces

The Future of Green Spaces

One of the key topics being discussing at Active LDN 2023 is the future of green spaces. London is fortunate to have so many green spaces, but not all of them are fit for purpose to tackle inequality and inactivity in the capital. To find out more about this topic and what we can expect this subject at Active LDN, we sat down with Natasha Hood, London Sport’s Active Environments Manager.  

What is your session called? 

The Future of Green Spaces in Dense, Urban Environments  

Why is this topic so important to our sector? 

The topic is of paramount importance to our sector for a number of reasons. Green spaces play a pivotal role in promoting physical and mental well-being of Londoners. Ensuring access to high-quality green spaces is essential for creating inclusive communities. As London faces challenges like housing affordability, green spaces become all the more crucial. Considering the evolving needs of London’s communities, it is imperative that we plan for the future. Understanding how green spaces can adapt and meet the changing demands of communities is vital.  

Who is part of the panel? 

  • Dr. Meredith Whitten, Fellow in Environment at The London School of Economics & Political Science; Researcher in Residence at Parks for London 
  • Nicole Collomb, Principal Policy and Programme Officer – Green Infrastructure at Greater London Authority 
  • Mark Cridge, Executive Director of the National Park City Foundation and London National Park City 
  • Andrew Bedford, Head of Greenspace & Leisure, London Borough of Islington 
  • Andrew Hinchley, Head of Green Space at London Borough of Camden 

What are you hoping delegates will take away from this session? 

Delegates attending this session can expect a comprehensive understanding of the complex landscape surrounding green spaces in London. The panellists will provide insights on various critical aspects including gaining a deepened perspective on how green spaces are currently perceived and valued in London. We hope that delegates will discover strategies and approaches being considered to adapt to the changing needs of the population and ensure green spaces remain relevant and beneficial to communities.  

How will your session play into the future of your work at London Sport?  

The session on the “Future of Green Spaces” aligns with our mission to create active environments at London Sport. As we recognise, there is no such thing as a “neutral space”; each environment exerts an influence on our physical activity levels. Green spaces in urban areas, like London, are a critical component of this ecosystem. By working to understand the complex interplay between urban spaces, green areas, and physical activity, we can work towards co-creating, designing, and supporting facilities and spaces that benefit local communities. Ultimately, this session will contribute to our broader ambition of making the choice to be active more accessible and appealing for all Londoners. By addressing the challenges and opportunities of green spaces, we are taking a significant step towards building healthier, more connected and more active communities in London.  

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