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This Girl Can: The campaign’s relevance in the capital

This Girl Can: The campaign’s relevance in the capital

Over two weeks on from the launch of This Girl Can‘s latest campaign #FitGotReal, we take a look at the campaign and how its key focuses are relevant in the capital.

Following research carried out by Sport England, the third phase of This Girl Can focuses on female demographics with particularly high levels of inactivity.

The recently published Active Lives Data also highlights that those from lower economic backgrounds and those who identify as BAME are most likely to be inactive.

We know from national figures from 2016/17 show that males are around 5% more likely to be active than females and in London, this figure is almost identical.

But Sport England insight has highlighted that females from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds are 16.1% more likely to be inactive than those in the highest.

This pattern is being mirrored in London where there’s an even larger discrepancy in activity levels between the highest and lowest socio-economic groups of 19%.

This next round of This Girl Can is focusing on females who identify as BAME. Asian females across England are over 12% less active than white British females, with black and Chinese females showing similar patterns – around 8% less active.

This pattern is also reflected in London with even larger differences in activity levels between white British females and other minorities.

Female Asian Londoners are over 17% less active, while black and Chinese women are 11% less active than their white British counterparts in the capital.

This demonstrates that London has a larger disparity in activity levels between white British females and other ethnic minorities compared to the national average.

London Sport has a mission to get 1,000,000 Londoners more active by 2020 and this cannot be achieved unless everyone has the necessary support from the sport sector.

This Girl Can’s latest campaign aims to do just that. They are reminding women that their is no right way to get fit – everything counts, from buggy pushing to hula hooping to simply just taking the stairs.

From the latest figures it is clear that this inclusive and welcoming attitude to physical activity is needed to reach demographics that continue to show high levels of inactivity across the capital.

We are determined to continue to work alongside Sport England and This Girl Can to get female Londoners more active.

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