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Tom’s marathon journey so far…

Tom’s marathon journey so far…

Next up in a series of London Marathon blog posts is Tom updating us on his training and even his running ambitions beyond 26.2 miles.

Name: Tom Jobson
Age: 28

About you

I am currently a tour guide at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on Bankside, not too far from London Sport. My background is in theatre and performance, which I studied at university. I live in Surrey and enjoy being outdoors and being active.

What is your background in running?

My journey all started with hiking, and gradually I saw myself being able to hike further and harder. Then, following a personal loss, I discovered running as a coping mechanism for my grief. It allowed me time and space to get away from everything, clear my head and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

I find that it allows me to build resilience and determination which is why I set myself new and exciting challenges each year. I have done a few half marathons as well as the occasional Park Run but a marathon is the next level for me.

Of course it is going to be tough but I’m excited to have that goal of the finish line, in my home city, to achieve.

What are the benefits that you gain from running?

As well as the obvious physical benefits, running provides me with something much more. If I run in the morning it wakes me up, refreshes me, and I feel ready for whatever the day may bring.

If I run in the evening I can use it to forget about the unimportant annoyances that life throws at us, relax and ground myself. I don’t run with music as, for me, lacing up my trainers and hitting the trails is all the escape I need from everyday life.

Why did you choose to run the marathon to support London Sport?

Having learnt, about the amazing work that London Sport does for many communities across London, it appeared the perfect organisation to support.

To be able to see how my fundraising will be helping to develop disability champions and making a difference to so many people’s lives will be a privilege. I am honoured to be able to raise money for a charity in which I am personally invested and can clearly see and understand the benefits of their work. It excites and inspires me to raise more, train harder and run faster.

What are you most looking forward to about the London Marathon?

I am really looking forward to race day, as I’ve heard a lot of great things about the unique atmosphere of the London Marathon. I’m also looking forward to what challenges may come after this one. I enjoy distance running and so I’m looking forward to one day running further than a marathon and exploring some trail runs too.

Maybe an ultra marathon…

An ultra marathon? This is just the first step then?

I find it very hard to sit still and would find it incredibly hard to have a regular desk job. I always need a challenge. I enjoy pushing my physical and mental boundaries to see what I can achieve.

I have picked up the name Action Man at work because I’m always away doing various activities or challenges.

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