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An Active Inclusive Capital Action Plan

An Active Inclusive Capital Action Plan

Disability Programme Manager, Alex Gibbons, talks us through the next steps of An Active Inclusive Capital

Having spent the last three months shouting from the rooftops about the launch of An Active Inclusive Capital, I’m hoping that if you’re reading this, you know all about the new strategic plan of action for disability, launched in August. However, just in case I’ve not recently been to a rooftop near you, a quick recap.

An Active Inclusive Capital sets out a number of strategic priorities, outcomes and objectives that London Sport and its stakeholders will work towards to create a London where deaf and disabled people are at least active as non-disabled people.

I’m pleased to say that so far, it’s been well received by partners and colleagues across a range of sectors, with a real commitment to working collaboratively to achieve this ambitious aspiration. But it’s all very well having a shiny new document and a successful launch event; it’s another thing delivering what we say we will.

Action plan – the roles we play

For this reason, we’ve created an accompanying Action Plan – a document detailing the roles London Sport and its stakeholders will take in achieving every objective within An Active Inclusive Capital, and one that can always be amended to pre-empt or react to changes in policy or the funding landscape that affect our work.

Firstly, we’d like you to take a look here. About half way down, as well as being able to access An Active Inclusive Capital you’ll find a link to the Action Plan. It’s currently in a simple Excel format, with the four tabs taking you to the different strategic priorities. The column titled “stakeholders’ roles” shows the actions we want to support you to undertake, developed from the feedback received during the extensive consultation we conducted when developing An Active Inclusive Capital.

We know there’s a lot of information and a lot of challenging work contained within the Action Plan, but much of this is already underway, with several fantastic partnerships, projects and participation opportunities all over London. We want to build on this good work, but also try some more innovative approaches with both trusted partners and organisations completely new to us.

So, what next?

  • We want to hear from you – Is there anything we’ve missed? Is there anything we can make clearer? Can we improve the document to be more accessible?
  • We want to talk to you – How can we embed the Action Plan into your organisation and your work? What areas should we prioritise?
  • We want to work with you – How can we collaborate and support you to achieve the outcomes and objectives? Are there any other organisations or people you think we should be engaging?

Please contact me at [email protected] or Tel: 07872 380 509, and let’s work together to enable and empower deaf and disabled people to be more active by creating An Active Inclusive Capital.

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