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Andrew Selby joins the London Sport Board of Trustees

Andrew Selby joins the London Sport Board of Trustees

London Sport has welcomed a new addition to its esteemed Board of Trustees. Andrew Selby, a prominent figure in the sponsorship industry and the Head of Partnerships at Deloitte, brings with him a wealth of experience and a strong belief in the power of collaboration to unlock our collective potential. With a passion for the transformative impact of sport, activity, and culture, Selby’s appointment is set to contribute significantly to London Sport’s mission.

Andrew Selby is widely recognised for his successful career in the sponsorship industry, having worked with numerous commercial and sporting organisations. His track record exemplifies his ability to foster fruitful partnerships that benefit all parties involved. As the Head of Partnerships at Deloitte, Selby understands the potential that collaboration holds in driving positive change and achieving shared goals. By harnessing the collective expertise and resources of various stakeholders, he believes we can create a better future through sport and physical activity.

One of Selby’s core beliefs is in the transformative power of sport, activity, and culture. He recognises their ability to go beyond mere recreation and entertainment, impacting our lives and communities in bigger ways. By promoting physical activity and fostering a culture of inclusivity, London Sport aims to enhance the well-being of Londoners and create a more active and connected community. Selby’s passion aligns perfectly with this vision, making him an ideal addition to the Board of Trustees.

As a member of the London Sport Board of Trustees, Andrew Selby will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the organisation’s strategy and initiatives. His extensive experience and expertise will provide valuable insights into the world of sponsorship and partnerships, enabling London Sport to forge meaningful collaborations with key stakeholders. By leveraging his knowledge and network, Selby will help drive forward London Sport’s mission of increasing access to sport and physical activity for all Londoners.

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