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ClubWorks Case Study – BIGKID Foundation

ClubWorks Case Study – BIGKID Foundation

BIGKID Foundation was founded in 2000 by Shaninga Marasha as a mentoring programme at his school. Since then, the organisation developed and set a strategic mission: to equip young people at risk of social exclusion and youth violence to take control of their lives, find, develop and act on their own potential. Their Community Engagement, Mentoring and Leadership Programmes started to make a difference for females in London in 2015, when BIGKID started the girls engagement.

How has BIGKID Foundation increased the participation of girls in football?

BIGKID has delivered two 2-hour football sessions a week to girls aged 11-18 from the local community. This engaged a total of 79 girls for Tuesday sessions and 84 girls for Saturday sessions. The results of these sessions were remarkable: participants have improved their technical football ability, their general fitness level has increased and been able to interact with other girls in the community that they live in.

A stimulating experience both on and off the field

As part of the programme, the girls have been given the chance to attend trips and take part of community events. The team went to watch a Fulham FC match at the Fulham training ground. The girls have also supported the delivery of an event part of BIGKID’s football programme, contributing to the successful delivery by their determination and dedication.

How has this ClubWorks funded programme made a difference?

The organisers could see a massive development in participants’ self-awareness and self-confidence. They have also demonstrated a change in attitude and determination to improve their football skills and improve their communication and teamwork.

BIGKID Foundation’s programme for girls continues and focuses on promoting teamwork and encouraging a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. By teaching this skills, it aims to minimise conflict within the team and show the participants that more can be achieved when they work together.

ClubWorks is aimed at community clubs and organisations, youth clubs, as well as traditional sports clubs, delivering in a London Borough. The work of the ClubWorks programme simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Mayor of London. The support they provide allows us to help clubs and organisations to develop coaches and volunteers, attract new members and help secure funding for the future.

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