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ClubWorks Case Study – Ms Rose Blossom Fly Girls

ClubWorks Case Study – Ms Rose Blossom Fly Girls

Catching up with Ms Rose Blossom’s Fly Girls project

Ms Rose Blossom’s Fly Girls project aims to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of girls and women in Brent, in particular targeting older women, BAME groups and women who do not regularly participate in sport for faith reasons. 

What does the project look to achieve?  

  • To improve the immediate mental wellbeing of our members through our running and fitness activities.
  • To encourage social interaction, reducing isolation, again improving mental wellbeing. 
  • To increase the physical fitness levels of inactive girls and women and build their confidence. 

The project motivated a significant numbers of women from the demographics of hard to engage groups of women and has doubled its numbers over the year. What is remarkable is the sense of achievement from older women who were non-runners prior to joining the group and can now run 5km and beyond, as well as more and more members entering races and assault courses.

Amanda Epe – Project Leader

 “It is wonderful to see our members feeling uplifted from simply belonging to a community sporting activity, whether they walk, jog or run all members mention the feel good factors after sessions.” 

The Fly Girls Running Community were awarded run group of the year from England Athletics in 2017 and members are honoured to be making an impact by encouraging and inspiring more local women.


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