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How to market to people like Angela

About Angela


Angela is 60. She works part time doing cleaning, and hasn’t got that much money. She lives in a little bungalow, although thankfully the small mortgage has been paid off.
Angela likes to get out for a bit in the day. She walks to buy a lottery ticket, goes to the library or afternoon bingo. She has to take her time though, as she’s not as well these days, having seen the late onset of diabetes in the last few years.
Also her arthritis is making it harder to get around. She’s a little heavier than she’d like to be – but it’s hard to keep the weight off nowadays.
As a result of everything else she’s doing less than 30 minutes of activity per week. She still smokes a few cigarettes a day – though less than she used to.
But she believes that you’ve got to have some pleasures available to you. When she gets home Angela likes to sit and watch TV, knit or do some embroidery. At weekends her family usually visit her. She’d like to play more with the grandkids, but she just doesn’t have the energy. 


Angela relates most strongly to marketing that shows these values – practical, careful, trustworthy, reassuring, simple, traditional, secure, established and unpretentious. Iceland, Matalan and Wilkinsons are examples of brands which show these values, which she likes and buys.


One challenge for Angela is that she’s stressed and doesn’t have the healthiest life all round – she smokes and doesn’t eat healthy food. She also struggles with getting around because of her arthritis and being a bit overweight.
She is busy with a hectic lifestyle and no set routine. She’s got many demands on her time (cooking, cleaning, looking after the grandkids and is still working part time).

Objections to becoming more active

Angela knows she’s too unfit to walk 60 minutes, so is worried that the walks will be too much for her. She thinks it will be too strenuous, and that she won’t be able to keep up – and that this means she won’t fit in and shouldn’t get involved. She’s very nervous about being judged – and it’s easier just to not take part at all.
Angela also associates walking with pain and discomfort, and doesn’t enjoy getting active – so joining a walking group is going to be an unpleasant experience, and she doesn’t want that. Besides – there’s the risk of hurting herself by overdoing it, and then she’ll be worse off than before.

Goals and motivations

Despite all the challenges she faces, and her objections – Angela would like to become more active. She doesn’t always feel that way – it comes in waves. But if we catch her at the right time she’ll be open to the idea. Angela wants to manage her diabetes, and knows that getting active and losing weight is probably a good idea, but she doesn’t think about that too much. They’re just not things that she’s prioritised. She likes to spend time with the children and her grandkids, and would love to impress her grandkids by getting active with them. But that doesn’t seem like a realistic thing to hope for. She’d like to make new friends and enjoy the time she is already spending with her friends.


There are certain triggers that lead Angela to have a “teachable moment” when she is more ready to make a change. For example – becoming a grandparent; the grandkids asking her to play; outside pressure like a GP saying you need to be more active or even a health professional in an ad talking about the benefit of activity to her health condition. Maybe having someone to exercise with would help too.

Key messages 
Based on the insight into Angela, and what messages have worked in the past – these are the messages which we think are going to be effective
  • The group is welcoming and friendly
    • Get active and meet new people. Join us for gentle, friendly, weekly walks. They’re in a small group with other people looking to get active again, led by a trained leader. The group stays for tea and a laugh afterwards. We’d love you to join us.
  • You’ll have more energy
    • Come and join us for gentle, friendly, weekly walks. You’ll get fitter and healthier and meet new people. All groups are led by a trained leader. We stay for tea and a laugh afterwards. We look forward to seeing you.
  • Walking will improve your health, and help you feel better
    • On your own or in a group, walking is one of the best activities for your health. And it’s Free!
    • 10 minutes of walking a day keeps the doctor away. Walking is a great way to strengthen your heart, bones and boost your energy.
  • We’ll help you to get started
    • If you’re looking to get back into activity then come and join our walking group. It’s a gentle pace, and is the perfect way to get started
  • Building confidence – build on what she’s already doing
    • Whatever your current activity levels you’ll be able to join in with our weekly walks.
    • We’re all ages and levels of fitness.
  • Chill out, and have the chance to get away from everything for an hour
    • Take some time for yourself once a week and have a laugh with us on our weekly walks. We’re a really friendly group and we’d love to see you there.
  •  Walking is the safest way to get active, and we’ll make sure that you don’t have to overdo it
    • Walking is the ideal way to get a little bit fitter. Come and join us in our weekly walks. We’re not all that fast, so whatever your pace there will be someone like you.
  • Get a personalised activity plan and free advice from a health expert about getting active.
    • FREE personalised activity plan for anyone 55+. To get yours and get help getting active click sign up below.
  • Free guide to getting started with activity
    • FREE guide on getting back into activity for anyone 55+. To download yours click sign up below.

As well as key messages, it is vital that you use appropriate imagery that relates to your target audience. For example use images similar to Angela to appeal top this audience.

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