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London Sport and Sense join forces to increase inclusive opportunities across the capital

London Sport and Sense join forces to increase inclusive opportunities across the capital

London Sport and Sense announce collaboration as part of national Sporting Sense project

Sense, the national charity that supports people who are deafblind, have sensory impairments or complex communication needs, to enjoy more independent lives, and London Sport have agreed a partnership to inspire greater levels of activity, create more inclusive opportunities, develop a more well-trained workforce, and measure the impact of increased activity on deafblind Londoners’ lives. Coming just weeks after the launch of An Active Inclusive Capital – the strategic plan of action supporting deaf and disabled people’s involvement with physical activity and sport in London – the partnership, which forms part of Sense’s national Sporting Sense project, is an example of the type of collaboration championed by London Sport.

Across London, 64.5% of people with limiting illness or impairment say that they want to do more activity than they currently do. Supporting people with complex communication needs to have more and better opportunities to be involved in physical activity and sport is a critical component in addressing the inequalities and barriers that many Londoners face on a daily basis.

Announcing the partnership, Alissa Ayling, Sense National Sport Manager, said:

“Sense is thrilled to be working with London Sport in order to reach out to more people with complex communication needs across the capital. We are excited by the launch of An Active Inclusive Capital, which complements our mission – to make sure no one with complex communication needs is isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential. Partnerships such as this provide a great opportunity for collaboration across the sector, and we look forward to working with London Sport to increase the number of accessible sporting opportunities within London.”

Alex Gibbons, London Sport Disability Programme Manager, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Sense to enable more Londoners with complex communication needs to be more physically active as part of the Sporting Sense project. This collaboration is a perfect example of how the strategic priorities outlined in An Active Inclusive Capital are already shaping innovative and exciting ways of reaching inactive deaf and disabled people, and demonstrates how the disability sector is integral to achieving vital, and ambitious, outcomes for physical activity and sport.”

The Sporting Sense project is currently scheduled to run until 2018, and includes partnerships with five regional sports bodies across the country.

For more information on Sense, visit www.sense.org.uk

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