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London Sport Awards 2024 3

Congratulations to our shortlisted nominees!

After an incredible year we were blown away by the 400+ nominations that we received across our ten Awards categories for the 2024 London Sport Awards, supported by the City of London Corporation.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to complete a nomination, the standard of submissions was extremely high which reflects the enormous amounts of dedication and effort from across the sector. Our expert panel of judges faced a number of difficult decisions to select the 2024 shortlist which is available, in full, below

Stay tuned as we count down to the London Sport Awards, taking place in the prestigious Guildhall on 21 March 2024 where we’ll shine a spotlight on the capital’s unsung heroes.

London Sport Awards 2024 Shortlist:

Community Impact Award in association with Nuffield Health

The Community Impact Award shines a spotlight on grassroots physical activity and sport clubs or community organisations delivering great service and benefits to its users and/or the wider community.

Cycle Sisters, London’s largest grassroots cycling organisation for Muslim women, has successfully addressed barriers like confidence, family commitments, and cultural attitudes to inspire over 1,500 members. In the past year, they empowered 30 new female volunteer Ride Leaders, organized 500+ social rides, engaged 466 participants, and ran innovative programmes, including a virtual cycling challenge covering 28,000 miles. Impact surveys indicate significant improvements in physical and mental health for participants, with 92% reporting positive changes, and the organisation has expanded its reach to include underrepresented groups, such as Somali women and teenage girls.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Disability Sports Coach operates 10 Inclusive Community Sports Clubs across London, breaking down barriers to sport for disabled individuals. The clubs provide fully accessible venues, weekly adapted sports sessions, and expert coaching in disability sport. Impact surveys reveal significant positive changes, with 97% feeling more confident, 93% experiencing improved socialisation and community connection, and 70% doubling their weekly physical activity after joining a club. The Inclusive Activity Leaders (IAL) program, in partnership with Nike, has trained 25 graduates, with 12 securing paid coaching jobs. Overall, the organisation has supported over 3,500 disabled individuals, delivering 2,034 hours of inclusive activity and specialist training courses to 300 people in the past year. Temi Johnson, a club volunteer turned paid DSC coach, exemplifies the transformative impact of the programme, winning the StreetGames London and South-East Doorstep Coach/Volunteer of the Year award.

Sports Fun 4 All, a Sport for Change youth charity based in South London, has provided extensive free football sessions across Lewisham, Greenwich, and Bromley Boroughs. Delivering 832 free hours of coaching to 1503 young people from 14 venues, the organisation has made a substantial impact on physical and mental wellbeing, community strength, and positive relationships among 10-19-year-olds. The sessions focus on creating quality learning environments that engage disenfranchised learners and provide holistic education, addressing societal challenges such as youth violence and improving community safety.

Health and Wellbeing Award in association with Sid Lee

The Health and Wellbeing Award highlights significant achievements in using physical activity to promote physical and mental health and wellbeing, emphasising the vital role that being physically active plays in supporting health outcomes. Solutions should meet the needs of these less active Londoners and also look to reduce the inequalities that persist in people having the opportunities to live active lives. 

Active Minds, a Mind in Croydon service, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals dealing with poor mental health through free and accessible activities. Offering a diverse range of sessions like Zumba, jogging, gardening, and more, the programme ensures inclusivity, allowing self-referral and early intervention. With an adaptable and welcoming approach, Active Minds goes beyond physical activity, fostering a sense of community, friendship, and improved mental health among participants. Over 384 individuals benefited directly between September 2022 and October 2023, showcasing the programme’s significant impact in providing a supportive and transformative environment.

At The Black Prince Trust, the PASIO programme (Physical Activity and Social Inclusion for Over 55s) has celebrated a successful third year, offering 11 weekly sessions across various venues in Lambeth, Brixton, and Streatham. With a focus on health and wellbeing for individuals over 55, PASIO provides free and diverse physical activities, including adapted sports, dance, yoga, and strength training. The program has seen remarkable success, engaging over 200 participants, including those with medical conditions or disabilities, and fostering positive outcomes such as improved mobility, reduced medication dependency, and significant weight loss. The programme’s impact is evident in the positive feedback from attendees, highlighting the vital role it plays in creating a supportive community for older individuals facing health challenges.

GLL, celebrating its 30th year, operates the Healthwise Healthy Lifestyle Service across 10 London local councils and public agencies, delivering a range of health interventions, including Physical Activity on Referral (PARS), Weight Management, Mental Health services, and specialised pathways for Cardiac, Stroke, Pulmonary, Falls Prevention, and Cancer Rehabilitation. Achievements include managing over 19,000 referrals, with a high completion rate and positive outcomes such as significant increases in physical activity levels, improvements in health and well-being, and positive physiological changes. Healthwise has successfully engaged with population groups experiencing health inequalities, demonstrating its impact on addressing inactivity, obesity, and related health conditions.

Enhancing the Sporting Workforce Award

The Enhancing the Sporting Workforce Award recognises the individuals, organisations, groups or programmes that have supported their workforce to grow and develop.

Supporting people to lead physically active lives is a role that falls to many groups and individuals.

The LTA SERVES Level Up London (LUL) project aims to enhance tennis opportunities for underserved communities across London, with a focus on female engagement in workforce, participation, and mentoring. Funded by the LTA Tennis Foundation, the project involves upskilling 20 activators, 80% of whom are female, from ten LTA SERVES venues across eight boroughs. The initiative empowers these activators to deliver engaging tennis sessions, particularly for girls, with positive impacts seen in increased confidence and quality of delivery, fostering a more inclusive tennis community.

West Reservoir’s all-seasons Youth Club in north Hackney provides children aged 8+ with opportunities to learn sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. The programme, boasting 294 members, includes an Assistant Instructor (AI) initiative that allows participants to progress, gain qualifications, and potentially secure paid employment, fostering both watersports skills and life skills like teamwork and problem-solving. With a focus on building confidence and life skills, the Youth Club has graduated over 100 individuals from the AI programme, with 11 graduates employed at the centre. This initiative not only promotes diversity and inclusion but also contributes to the personal and professional development of young people in a deprived London borough.

Orion Harriers Juniors, facing the threat of closure due to a lack of coaches exacerbated by challenges from coaches leaving and the impact of Covid, successfully revived their junior section. With support from England Athletics, they identified and qualified a significant number of young athletes and parent volunteers as Coaching Assistants and Leaders in Running Fitness. The initiative has significantly bolstered the under-11s section, with almost 40 athletes regularly participating, and the club continues to nurture and encourage volunteers to pursue coaching qualifications to sustain growth in athletics and cross-country running. Despite the time-consuming nature of managing these efforts, the dedicated individuals involved, particularly the Junior Manager, have successfully navigated challenges to ensure the club’s continuity and development.

Uniting London Award in association with Opinium

The Uniting London Award celebrates those who strive to break down barriers, make physical activity and sport accessible to all people and communities across our city and bring Londoners together.

In response to rising youth crime and gang violence in Lewisham, a locally embedded organisation initiated free weekly football sessions at Deptford Lounge, combining football coaching and youth work. The program utilised a hyper-local approach, addressing root causes of violence, such as food poverty, physical and mental health improvement, family support, education re-engagement, and recreational activities. Coaches, with unique perspectives on the issues faced by young people in the area, built strong relationships, facilitating long-term engagement, and fostering positive development. Over the period from September 2022 to October 2023, the initiative delivered 204 free hours of football coaching, engaged 106 young people, involved 25 young people in HAF (Holiday Activity and Food) programs, and provided 100 free meals. The approach reflects a public health strategy, working alongside psychologists and mentors to prevent youth involvement in criminal activities.

Disability Sports Coach has significantly impacted the lives of disabled individuals through sport and physical activity, supporting over 3,500 people in the past year. They have provided 2,034 hours of inclusive activities, delivered specialised training courses to over 300 individuals, and launched the Inclusive Activity Leaders program, training disabled and non-disabled people together to become sports coaches. By breaking down barriers to sport and offering a pathway for disabled individuals to progress in their lives, the organisation has contributed to transforming lives, promoting inclusivity, and addressing the low rates of employment for those with learning disabilities. Their commitment to diversity is reflected in their workforce, with over 40% having a disability, well above the national average. To make sports accessible, their fully inclusive clubs offer bespoke activities for all impairments, maintaining low costs to ensure affordability and hosting free inclusive sports festivals across London.

Boats not Bars is an in-prison rowing program aimed at reducing reoffending by promoting diversity in rowing and fostering a supportive sports community. While addressing the underrepresentation of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic backgrounds in British Rowing, the project has worked with 142 participants from male and female prisons. It not only provides physical benefits but also focuses on developing soft skills and creating a support network through rowing, with 88% of participants reporting improved wellbeing and 91% citing improved fitness across all prison projects. The program has received external recognition, winning the Sports Business Awards Innovation Category in 2023 and being named British Rowing Project of the Year in 2020. After release, participants are invited to join the club for free, transferring their skills to the river and benefiting from the community support provided by the club.

Out to Swim (OtS), London’s leading LGBTQIA+ Aquatics Club, has successfully created supportive environments in aquatic clubs by offering safe spaces for adults to learn to swim, train, and compete, especially focusing on welcoming the LGBTQIA+ and disability communities. Through disability awareness and inclusion training for staff and volunteers, OtS ensures equal respect and equality for all participants. The club has diversified its offerings, providing sessions for various groups, and hosted the IGLA Championships, the world’s LGBTQIA+ aquatic competition, promoting inclusivity and inspiring changes within the National Governing Body (NGB). With a commitment to eliminating barriers to participation, OtS offers free trials and scholarships, exemplifying its dedication to creating meaningful relationships and bringing people together through the shared enjoyment of aquatics.

Lifetime Achievement Award in association with BBC Radio London

The Lifetime Achievement award seeks to honour those who have given least 25 years of service in the physical activity, elite sport or community sport sector.

The recipient of the award is someone that has had a significant and positive impact on the people they have worked with over the course of their active involvement in the sector. Their commitment to, and passion for improving lives through the use of physical activity or sport is exemplary to all.

Winner will be announced at the London Sport Awards on 21 March.

Supporting Young Londoners Award in association with Play Innovation

Children and young people are London’s future. Building positive attitudes to sport and physical activity in children from an early age can help them to feel more motivated, confident and able to get active throughout their life.

The Supporting Young Londoners Award celebrates the outstanding work of individuals (of any age), organisations and educational facilities (schools/colleges) who are providing young people (under the age of 25) with a better opportunity to enjoy doing sport and physical activity’.

Featherstone Sports Centre has developed an inclusive ‘levelling up’ program aimed at ensuring equal access to sports and physical activities for disadvantaged children in London communities. With over 150 events and 1100 sessions annually, Featherstone actively addresses gaps in opportunities by catering to diverse needs, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, girls, and low-income families. The program incorporates various activities, sports leadership initiatives, safe spaces for girls, and holiday programs, effectively influencing schools, parents, and wider community groups to support inclusive sports participation.

MovementWorks, a London-based charity, utilises innovative dance movement programs to enhance equality of opportunity for over 300 disadvantaged children and young people weekly in various London boroughs. Their initiatives, informed by dance science, neuroscience, and educational theory, provide life-changing opportunities for participants, supporting physical and cognitive development, fostering emotional well-being, and promoting social skills, particularly focusing on underrepresented early years and special education settings. Pioneers in the field, MovementWorks leads with original peer-reviewed research, launching projects like ‘Action For Gingerbread’ and ‘Action For Autism,’ making a significant impact on the physical and mental well-being of participants, as well as supporting learning and development.

Spencer Lynx is addressing inequalities in sports participation for underserved children from inner-city state primary schools in Lambeth and Wandsworth. Through a two-year program offering free in-school hockey sessions, the initiative prioritises children from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, and/or low socio-economic backgrounds, providing them with equipment, mentorship from international hockey players, and a supportive environment to develop physical, social, and confidence-building skills, resulting in positive impacts on physical activity, mental well-being, confidence, and academic progress.

Digital and Tech Innovation Award in association with Exergame

The Digital and Tech Innovation Award recognises creative new thinking, innovative ideas through the creation and/or use of digital or tech methods to support inactive Londoners to get and stay physically active.

The LSBU Black Students Mental Health project, a collaborative effort between London South Bank University, NHS GoodThinking, Univarsity, and The Office for Students, aims to address mental health disparities among black students in higher education. Through the creation of the You + mobile application, co-developed with LSBU students, the project provides culturally competent resources, physical activity programs, and mental health support to proactively manage well-being. With a focus on preventing mental health deterioration and promoting early access to support services, the project has engaged nearly 1000 students, 94% of whom initially identified as inactive, recording steady increases in activity trends. The partnership with NHS Good Thinking extends mental health and well-being resources to all students across London, fostering institutional and sector-wide change.

Sportas, founded by Clinton, Lukas, and Gvidas, addresses the challenge of adults finding opportunities to play sports in London. Launched in July 2021, the innovative marketplace has connected over 20,000 Londoners, facilitating more than 7,500 sports games. The platform’s success is reflected in its positive impact on users’ well-being and social lives, with 76% making friends through Sportas and 62% noting a substantial positive impact on their general happiness. The platform has also contributed to community development and partnered with diverse sports communities in London, showcasing its broader positive influence beyond the numbers.

Deepak Vohra and Phil Tsang, friends for over 20 years, co-founded Rocket Impact and created Afitar®, a mobile fitness game aiming to inspire children and families to lead healthier lives. The app, available on both Apple and Android devices, utilizes personalized fitness Avatars that dynamically change based on real-life exercise levels, engaging users in a Match 3 puzzle game where increased physical activity strengthens their in-game character. Initial case studies involving approximately 100 children from schools in Ealing and Liverpool yielded encouraging results, with 50% covering a minimum distance of 95km, 37% remaining engaged as Daily Active Users, and over 70% progressing beyond Level 10 in the game, showcasing the app’s potential to promote physical activity in a fun and innovative way.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability in Sport Award in association with Decathlon

Looking after the planet is a critical issue and is everybody’s responsibility. Sport can have an important role to play in preserving the environment and combating climate change and its impacts.  

The Environmental Impact and Sustainability in Sport Award recognises activities that raises awareness of climate issues and sustainability and have a positive impact on the planet.  

Having read an article by the guardian newspaper which claimed that running shoes took 1000 years to degrade in landfill, Tony decided to do something about it. Today he has collection points in 319 leisure centres across the country including many in London through partnerships with everyone active.

In the first year JogOn collected some 10,000 pairs. This year (jan-Dec 2023) they collected 34,000 pairs and removed over 14 Tonnes from landfill.

The campaign has been amazing and continues to grow momentum.

Fulham Reach Boat Club (FRBC) is a standout nominee for the Environmental Impact and Sustainability in Sport Award, showcasing exemplary commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Through initiatives like citizen science water quality testing, river clean-ups, embracing technological innovation with the WasteShark, and transitioning to electric power for its coaching boat fleet, FRBC is not only making a tangible impact on the local community but also setting pioneering standards for environmentally focused sport. Their holistic approach, including habitat restoration through a groundbreaking partnership with the Royal College of Art, positions FRBC as a leader in environmental initiatives within the sporting community.

Planet League collaborates with football clubs, community organisations, and sponsors to engage fans in climate action through green tournaments. With 82 clubs, including London-based ones like Arsenal, Brentford, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leyton Orient, QPR, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United, Planet League successfully organized events like the Planet League Cup and Green Football Weekend, where fans collectively took over 80,000 green actions, making climate action fun, relevant, and motivating through football. Over 5,100 fans from London clubs have signed up, contributing 24,000 individual green actions to the Planet League platform.

Volunteer of the Year Award in association with Sport England

Volunteers are the lifeblood of grassroots physical activity and sport. For so many, regular activity simply wouldn’t be possible without volunteers – the army of coaches, administrators, officials, fundraisers and supporters that mobilises every single week.

Iffat Tejani, co-founder of the club, is recognised as an outstanding volunteer for her unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in cycling, particularly for Muslim women. Her leadership roles, coaching initiatives, and efforts to secure funding have not only expanded the club’s offerings but also worked towards reducing disparities in accessing cycling disciplines for communities of color. Iffat’s personalised support for young participants, exemplified by a transformative journey, and her dedication to empowering women and alleviating financial burdens showcase her profound impact in fostering a sense of community and empowerment within the cycling community.

Allan Cockram founded Brentford Penguins Football Club in 2017, a unique initiative catering specifically to children with Down Syndrome aged 5 or above, regardless of their abilities. Using his own funds, Allan established a community-oriented club with an open-door policy, now comprising over 50 children. He has volunteered his time every Sunday for over six years, fostering not only football skills but also providing a safe and supportive environment that significantly enhances the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of the participants. The club’s impact extends beyond football, creating a sense of belonging, improved confidence, and a strong support network for both players and their families. The documentary film “The Mighty Penguins” has showcased the profound positive influence of Allan’s dedication on the lives of the players and the broader community.

Over the past decade, Tanvir has been the driving force behind the success of the London Tigers cricket club, leaving an enduring impact beyond the cricket pitch. His unparalleled dedication has inspired numerous individuals, fostering a passion for cricket, particularly among girls and women. Tanvir’s inclusive approach, manifested in targeted school sessions and various cricket camps, has contributed to a threefold increase in participation, creating an environment where both boys and girls can thrive. His commitment extends beyond coaching, encompassing essential groundwork for junior and adult teams, earning the club recognition for its commitment to safety and inclusivity from the ECB. Tanvir’s tireless efforts have not only improved cricket skills but also prevented antisocial behavior, instilling life skills and resilience in young athletes.

Business Contribution Award in association with City of London Corporation

This Award recognises the valuable contribution of businesses of all sizes in providing sponsorship, support, and resources which enable community physical activity and sport to thrive in London.

In her role as Chief Purpose Officer at Decathlon UK, Delphine’s focus is on translating the company’s mission into actionable plans in London, aligned with the goal of breaking barriers to sport accessibility. Based in Canada Water, she spearheaded various projects, including supporting grassroots organizations, implementing the “Safe Space for girls” program, and developing sport facilities in the flagship store, contributing to over 62,000 hours of sport practiced in the UK in 2023. Delphine’s strategic initiatives, such as refurbishing a playground at Alfred Salter School and supporting underprivileged kids through the Bloomsbury Football Foundation, showcase her commitment to promoting active and healthy lifestyles while addressing societal inequalities.

Nike and Jordan’s long-term support for Black Prince Trust has been instrumental in creating and maintaining a high-class community facility, providing free training, and delivering impactful programs. Their contributions cover facility hire costs for 9 weekly basketball sessions, support coach and officials training, and have funded significant capital expenditures, including a £30k investment for a new Regal sprung floor. Beyond financial support, Nike and Jordan have embraced BPT as a flagship venue for community events, such as the Future Forward celebration during Black History Month in 2022, showcasing inspiring athletes like Dina Asher-Smith and Colin Kaepernick. The partnership not only creates opportunities for people of all ages to play and train but also contributes significantly to the community’s well-being and inspiration.

Over the past year, the Saracens Foundation’s ‘Sporting Roots’ project, in collaboration with Stay Belvedere Hotels Limited (SBHL), has positively impacted 316 refugees and asylum seekers residing in SBHL hotels across North London. Through over 150 hours of sports sessions, including football, dance, rugby, cricket, and basketball, the project has significantly improved participants’ physical and mental health, with 96% reporting the development of new friendships. SBHL’s support goes beyond financial contributions, as they have provided staff hours, content creation support, venue hire, and travel, facilitating events like a basketball festival with the London Lions and football tournaments. The partnership aims to bridge the gap between the refugee community and local sports clubs, fostering integration and understanding within the wider community.