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Introduction: Social Media Advertising Basics 

Introduction: Social Media Advertising Basics

Welcome to our guide to using social media advertising to promote local physical activity opportunities. We will share our findings about how you can use social media advertising to reach the right target audiences and support more Londoners to be more physically active.

  • Activity providers such as sports and community clubs or personal trainers 
  • People working in leisure or health facilities 
  • Local authority leisure, sport development or public health leads 
  • Digital and tech companies that provide activity programmes 

In this guide we’ll introduce our six-step plan for promoting local activities and why each step is important to engage your target audience: 

  • Identify who your most likely, or ideal, customers are 
  • Set up ads to reach your target customers 
  • How to use target on social media ads 
  • Test your advert content and messaging 
  • Make it easy for people to sign up 
  • Support new customers to turn up and take part 

Why focus on social media advertising How to run targeted social media advertising campaigns Social Media Advertising Basics

Click on the topic areas below to work your way through the learning resources and content on social media advertising.

1. Why focus on social media advertising

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2. How to run targeted social media advertising campaigns

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