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Our Research for Building a Workforce for the Future

Our Research for Building a Workforce for the Future

In December 2017 at the Royal Society for Public Health we launched our third Strategic Plan of Action for London, Building a Workforce for the Future. It was focussing on one of our five fundamental areas of work set out by our Blueprint: championing and developing a bigger and better workforce to support physical activity and sport in London. But setting out this plan would have been impossible without our research which allowed us to understand the importance of people in creating an active city.

We worked with Morar HPI in one of the biggest research projects in the country to date, which has engaged over 5000 Londoners across every borough, age, gender and ethnic group. It allowed us to learn more about the 500,000 coaches and the 800,000 volunteers that are involved in physical activity and sport in London, but also to understand how the workforce needs to evolve to make London the most physically active city in the world.

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To learn more about our findings, better understand the existing workforce and learn what’s its role in the Londoners’ journey into activity, watch the animation below:

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