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Activity Alliance launch new strategy – Achieving Inclusion Together

Activity Alliance launch new strategy – Achieving Inclusion Together

Activity Alliance, the national charity dedicated to helping disabled people to be active for life, has today launched a new strategy that shares London Sport’s vision of a future where disabled people are as likely to be active as non-disabled people.

The new strategy – Achieving Inclusion Together – builds on the charity’s 20 year legacy previously as the English Federation for Disability Sport (EFDS), and outlines a desire to see the number of active disabled people on a sustainable upward trajectory.

Discussing the strategy’s launch, Barry Horne, Chief Executive of Activity Alliance, said:

Our ambition is to create a step change in the number of disabled people participating in sport and recreation. We are confident that we have the right framework to support a major upturn in disabled people’s activity rates, but we cannot do it alone.

Collectively, we can change the reality of disability, inclusion and sport and ensure more disabled people have opportunities to be active.

The launch of Achieving Inclusion Together comes in the same week that London Sport celebrates a year since the publication of An Active Inclusive Capital, our Strategic Plan of Action for Disability, marked with the release of a one-year progress report which shows real progress being made around inclusion in physical activity and sport for deaf and disabled Londoners.

Alex Gibbons, London Sport Specialist Advisor – Disability, noted the shared ambitions of the two organisations:

Achieving Inclusion Together proposes an exciting and welcome new commitment to supporting deaf and disabled people’s lives through the opportunities presented by physical activity and sport. When we outlined a vision for deaf and disabled Londoners to be as active as non-disabled Londoners a year ago, we recognised that this was a challenging ambition, but believed firmly that it could be an achievable one with the right support and shared priorities.

The ambition outlined by Activity Alliance to achieve this vision on a national scale shows that this belief is shared across the country. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Activity Alliance and a host of other partners in working to deliver this vision in the years to come.

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