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Chief Leisure Officers & National Governing Bodies Forum

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London Sport are inviting heads of leisure, physical activity and sport services to come together for the second of the 2019 bi-annual meetings.

With 33 London boroughs there is a myriad of opportunities, challenges, and possibilities for everyone to take on board, and nearly always someone whose been through similar thought processes, technical operations, strategic planning, and undertaking delivery.

For London to become the Most Active City and support less active Londoners into leading more active lives we need to work together and share what we know.



This all-day event includes a morning session with representatives for National Governing Bodies and County Associations and an afternoon meeting focused on themes identified by the steering group ahead of the group convening. Lunch is provided.

Morning Session: NGB & Local Authority Networking and Planning Sessions

9:00-9:30         Arrival

9:30-12:00       Structured networking across both networks

12:00-12:45     Lunch

Afternoon Sessions: 

The afternoon session will be focused on understanding the current London landscape across three societal agendas. Each session will contain a short overview of the current policy and challenges within London followed by a discussion during which we’ll be capturing information on stakeholders boroughs have, and are, working with, and how these connect together – with a view to understanding not only the local approaches that can be applied, but where there are common threads and the sector should be jointly tackling the issue head-on.

12:45-12:55   Welcome and overview of the afternoon

12:55-13:40   Obesity (adult and child)

13:40-13:50   Break

13:50-14:35   Older People & Long-Term Health conditions

14:35-14:45   Break

14:45-15:30   Serious Youth Violence

15:30-16:00   Common thread review

This event is set for Local Authority Chief Leisure Officers, however, if there is a more suitable local authority colleague who should attend please let us know, or if you need to send a proxy please do.