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Parks for the people: Activating London’s Green spaces and measuring the impact

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47% of London is green space and there are over 3000 parks in our city. We know that many of these parks are well-used but how much do we know about how Londoner’s use them as part of an active lifestyle?

This session aims to share some examples of how London’s parks are being used to maintain an active lifestyle and stimulate discussion around how this activity translates to impacting the health and wellbeing of those involved.

The session will feature content from:

  • strategic bodies around the vision for active parks
  • delivery organisations around park activation and data gathering
  • a local authority approach to park activation, demonstration of impact to health and well-being and implementation of behavioural change approaches to increase the use of parks as part of an active lifestyle
  • delegate workshops focusing on aims, challenges and opportunities


9:30: Parks for London discuss their vision for parks, where physical activity fits in and response to survey around activity levels

9:45: Delivery partners to give a summary of their approaches to delivery in parks, digital marketing and data-driven activities.

10:15: Questions

10:30: Break/ networking

10:40:London Borough of Hounslow’s parks vision:
– How do London’s parks fit into a healthy lifestyle?
– Parks and behaviour change

10:55: Questions

11:00: Attendees break into groups to reflect on the above and to discuss
– Approach to parks activation and context in own boroughs
– Challenges, opportunities and aims

11:45 Summary


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