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Tackling inactivity through Social Prescribing

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One of London Sport’s missions is to help Londoners get more active, but how can this be done? We know that a workforce, whether paid or voluntary, is really important for the individual who is wanting to become more active, in providing encouragement and for passing on the right skills.

Research that we commissioned in 2017 told us that if we are to help get inactive Londoners moving, then we need to focus on a non-traditional sporting workforce. Compared to the traditional sport and physical activity workforce, they are more likely to come in to contact with inactive people.

Social Prescribing is one such workforce that falls into this category. It is trying to engage and influence people who may benefit from greater levels of sport and physical activity. However, further research told us that the Social Prescribing workforce are not always confident in prescribing sport and physical activity.

This is where we come in. For the last year, in conjunction with Kent University we have delivered a pilot project to explore if we can upskill the Social Prescribing workforce so that they can begin to feel more confident and skilful about using sport and physical activity in their practice.

The seminar will reflect on the findings of the project and look at how the work can be carried forward.


Who should attend?

The event will appeal to individuals who are:

  • Responsible for promoting physical activity
  • Managing or co-ordinating social prescribing programmes
  • Seeking to make communities and individuals more active
  • Developing a workforce to deliver physical activity


Who are the speakers?


Dr Sarah Hotham – Research Fellow, Centre for Health Service Studies, University of Kent.

Sarah is a Chartered Psychologist and Research Fellow, with expertise in health psychology and behavioural medicine in public health, with a focus on obesity and physical activity. Sarah led the design and training implementation for the project.


Barry Kelly – Specialist Advisor Physical Activity for Health, London Sport.

Barry is responsible for London Sport’s physical activity and health work and has played a key role in establishing the project.


David Reader – Specialist Advisor Workforce, London Sport.

David is responsible for London Sport’s workforce activity and has co-ordinated the project.


Kalwant Sahota – Self-Care & Third Sector Commissioning Development Manager, NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group.

Kalwant leads a Chelsea and Westminster Social Prescribing programme which has been involved in the pilot project.



Further information

Please contact David Reader on 07572 094425.