The Sport Unites Award – in association with the Mayor of London

The Sport Unites Award, backed by the Mayor of London, will celebrate organisations that use sport to improve social integration in London

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The Sport Unites Award will celebrate organisations that use sport to improve social integration in London.

Sport for Social Integration brings people and communities together through sport to create meaningful friendships and relationships. It provides a supportive environment for people who have different backgrounds, characteristics, circumstances or beliefs to meet and improve the understanding, respect and acceptance of those differences. The Sport Unites Award has been established to celebrate the best uses of Sport for Social Integration. 

This Award recognises projects that have helped to relieve tension, end disunity or discrimination, and promote better understanding and acceptance of differences and individuality through physical activity and sport.  

Nomination Criteria 

Winning organisations will have intentionally used sport to achieve one or more of the following:
    1. Bringing people together from more than one community and from diverse backgrounds, and embracing ethnic, cultural, physical and other differences 
    2. Providing ways of addressing and resolving conflict, and inspiring trust 
    3. Helping members of the local community to overcome loneliness or isolation 
    4. Providing activity for newcomers to London to foster understanding or integration  
    5. Combining sport with other activities (e.g. music, cultural activities, street food etc.) to engage people and enrich their lives 
    6. Using local knowledge and networks to find out what matters to their community and deliver accordingly 
    7. Increasing access to education and pathways to employment

Frequently asked questions

Let’s take a look back at last year’s winner…

Anna Kent, Snow-Camp Charity, finalists for the Sport Unites Award (previously the London Together Award)
“We love that London Sport bring together organisations who are making an impact in the city. We were keen to have the finalist logo because it’s a badge of honour, we’re proud to be endorsed and supported by London Sport.” 

Nominations for the London Sport Awards 2019 have now closed.

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