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Putting Technology and Sport at the heart of the capital’s health

Putting Technology and Sport at the heart of the capital’s health

The new Strategic Plan of Action for Technology in London puts collaboration between sport and technology innovation at the core of the capital’s future health


Technology permeates every part of our lives. From finance and banking to entertainment and fining, the past decade has seen lives reshaped and decisions remade by technological advances. Sport’s adoption of technology to date has, however, been patchy at best: as such, real opportunities are close at hand for those able to seize them.

Front cover design for Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech WorldThat’s why we are delighted to launch Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World today. London’s status as one of the world’s great centres for technology makes it the perfect environment to set an ambitious agenda for the future of SportTech, FitTech and HealthTech. This isn’t simply about using technology to grow participation – though that is a vital aspect – but about considering the wide-ranging social and cultural impacts that could be achieved through building a closer relationship between the worlds of sport and technology.

At the core of Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World are two primary outcomes:

  1. More Londoners use technology to be active
  2. More organisations use technology to encourage Londoners to be active

These outcomes speak to a particular objective – an objective that sees more Londoners become physically active in their daily lives – but within them exist a multitude of positive outcomes for individuals, businesses and society as a whole. From increased representation of people from diverse backgrounds in both sport and technology development, to the breaking down of social boundaries, improvements to mental wellbeing, and stronger physical health, a wealth of social good can be enhanced through successful collaboration between sport and technology.

Alex Zurita, London Sport’s Specialist Advisor – Technology for Participation has played a central role in bringing together the consultation process that supported the development of Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World. Outlining the process behind its development, he said: “We have been fortunate to have the input of a vast range of organisations from across London, and the country, in developing this plan. Through a range of detailed discussions, I have become ever more convinced that technology can be the spark that ignites a revolution in the way that we, as Londoners, experience sport in our daily lives.

“London is already a leading light for FinTech, FoodTech, FashionTech, Cybersecurity and so many other areas. It is now sport’s turn to seize the digital opportunity, and deliver positive outcomes for health and wellbeing in the capital, and across the world.”

Publishing Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World is not a starting point – too much great work is already underway for that to be the case – but neither is it the final objective. In the coming months and years, London Sport will use this new strategic plan as a means to bring together any group or organisation with the ability to make a change to sport in London through technology, and bring us closer towards our aim of making London the most physically active city in the world.

The full Making London the Heart of the Sport Tech World strategic plan of action can be downloaded here.

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