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Women’s health needs ‘golden’ conversations in addition to support from tech products

Women’s health needs ‘golden’ conversations in addition to support from tech products

Women’s health is being increasingly supported by tech but the “golden bit” remains in-person conversations according to the Co-Founder of The Well HQ, Baz Moffat.

Speaking on our new podcast, Talking Sport & Tech, Baz Moffat, Co-Founder of The Well HQ, says the physical activity and sport sector cannot rely on quick fixes, or ‘tick box’ webinars to truly support women’s health in sport.

Technology products supporting women’s health, like menstrual cycle trackers and wellbeing apps, help women completing physical activity and sport to become educated about their bodies.

However, the sport and physical activity sector cannot use them as a replacement for the conversations needed to help women feel supported, and encouraged to unlock their full potential.

She said: “The conversation is the golden bit, that’s where you get to understand your athlete and the women you’re working with, I think tech can help have those conversations, but it cannot replace them.

“We can have these brilliant conversations lower down the tree, but the higher up it gets they go ‘oh no, we’re alright, do we need to spend this much money? Why are we doing this now? We already have women playing our sport.’

“Women have been put into male systems. So the system needs to fundamentally change, and that’s a much bigger job that bringing us in for a one hour webinar.”

Baz, a guest on the fourth episode of Talking Sport & Tech, has discovered the big challenge in educating and supporting women’s health is getting buy-in from the sector at the highest level.

Her company, The Well HQ, has recently entered a new partnership with England Netball with Baz comparing conversations around women’s health to the breaking down of the taboo around mental health over the past few years.

She added: “People would think twice about mentioning their depression or anxiety or mental health issues at work five years ago, but now it’s really normal. But that’s taken time, hasn’t it? Women’s health is where mental health was.

“We know what we are doing is the right thing, and we know we’re a couple of years ahead of the curve.”

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