Active Citizens Worldwide

Active Citizens Worldwide is a global network of like-minded, aspirational cities that believe in the power of sport and physical activity to transform their cities for the better.

The Active Citizens Worldwide Project

London, alongside Auckland and Singapore, published the first Active Citizens Worldwide (ACW) report in 2018 with Stockholm joining for year two ahead of the 2019 publication.

Through the annual conferences and informal connections, ACW cities can share best practices, support each other in collaboration, and together develop solutions that benefit everyone.

ACW sets a new global standard in terms of measurement, analysis and insight for physical activity in cities.

While there have been many attempts at qualitative or anecdotal networking of cities around activity in the past, a global data-based benchmarking programme of this comprehensive scale and depth is unprecedented.

ACW conducts benchmarking across the four cities aiming to pinpoint genuine best practices and create a unique network of knowledge.

Benchmarking provides cities with the unique opportunity to uncover global trends, identify anomalies and learn from others around effective physical activity interventions.

Active Citizens Worldwide Updates

SECOND ANNUAL REPORT: Physical activity and sport are directly contributing to healthcare savings, happiness, and mental wellbeing in cities across the world, according to a new report (see below) from the Active Citizens Worldwide network. Find out more.

FIRST ANNUAL REPORT: Representatives from the programme’s Founding Cities of London, Auckland and Singapore came together to launch the first Annual ACW Report (available below) at the World Cities Summit in Singapore. More here.

NEWS: London, Auckland and Singapore announced as Founding Cities in a ground-breaking new global initiative designed to get millions of people active in cities around the world. More here.

Resources and Learnings

In the second year of Active Citizens Worldwide (ACW), there was compelling evidence from the participating cities which sheds light on the complex systemic interplay between socio-economics, demographics, policy, and physical activity consumption.

This growing understanding enables cities to ensure all segments of society can participate in sport and physical activity, and in doing so help to create a happier, healthier and wealthier city.

Key findings in 2019:

ACW analysis shows that physically active individuals are:

  • 6% happier
  • 28% more trusting of community
  • 6% higher life statisfaction
  • 14% less psychologically distressed

Across the four ACW cities:

  • 4,400 lives saved
  • US$ 1.6bn healthcare savings
  • US$ 14bn economic contribution
  • 65,000 jobs created

Findings in 2018:

In 2018, for the three cities combined, the total annual value of participation in sport and physical activity was estimated at US$ 16.4bn.

This includes:

  • Annual health-related benefits: US$ 513m in healthcare savings; US$ 622m boost in productivity; over 2000 deaths prevents; and, 68,000 Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) saved
  • Annual direct and indirect economic impact: US$ 15.2bn through participation consumption (US$ 9.6bn) and workforce contribution (US$ 5.6bn), representing up to 2% of the GDP for cities.
  • Annual value of societal benefits: US$ 3.5m through crime prevention, US$ 60m from improved education attainment; over 1bn hours of positive social interaction; and a 4% increase in self-rated happiness.

More information and contact details:

To learn more about the Active Citizens Worldwide project, please contact insight@londonsport.org