Consultancy: Digital Marketing

We are experts in developing and testing digital marketing campaigns that reach and engage a less active audience and support them to take the first steps to being more active.

We can help your project develop and initiate a tailor-made digital marketing strategy to put you on the road to greater success.

We can help you with:

  • Developing targeted digital marketing behaviour change campaigns
  • Identifying ways to reach your audience online
  • Piloting digital marketing campaigns

Our Clients:

Examples of our work:

Creating a digital marketing campaign to target specific audiences

Identified ethnically diverse communities and LSEG individuals.

£34,963 media spend

1,225,482 Londoners reached

Paid digital marketing campaign targeting specific audiences

800,000 Londoners reached

50% of active users from ethnically diverse groups

Targeting women from lower socio-economic groups

Develop bitesize workouts and created a Facebook group

2,000+ women reached with 1,295 sign-ups

Digital marketing is nearly 15 times cheaper than traditional marketing

£3.32 delivery cost per sign-up

7,404 people aged 55+ register for behaviour change support

More information and contact details:

Chris Norfield is our Head of Digital Behaviour Change. 

He has led on the organisation’s work on targeted digital marketing and behaviour change for physical activity and sport. Chris’ combined digital and behavioural science expertise have guided London Sport’s approach to marketing physical activity to less active Londoners.

Contact: chris.norfield@londonsport.org