Consultancy: Funding

Our funding services can help you identify funding opportunities to allow your club/organisation/group to grow.

London Sport can help you refine your project concept and initiate a tailor-made fundraising strategy to put you on the road to greater success.

We offer support with writing effective funding applications, including evidence need and funding workshops as well as help in looking for alternative fundraising opportunities.

We can also help you with:                 

Options appraisal

Funding opportunities analysis

Bid Review

Bid preparation 

Examples of our work:

Boosting the local sector’s strength to source income

Delivered a series of workshops on grant funding

Knowledge has been used to help source appropriate bids

Created a workshop for facilities funding 

Supported unsuccessful clubs/community groups 

Practical advice and writing successful bids was provided

Supporting the production of high-quality grant applications 

Developed a robust business plan to ensure future financial sustainability

£135,000 of capital and revenue funding secured

Developing a robust proposal to secure new funding

A three-strand approach was proposed

£235,000 with the potential for additional £160,000 investment 

Identifying funding to develop volunteering programmes

Volunteer It Yourself’s aim was to expand in the sport sector

£306,000 of investment from new funding partners secured

More information and contact details:

For more information on our funding services contact Melanie Antao