ClubWorks - Rethinking Sport for Women and Girls

Together with Women in Sport, we have been working to engage more women and girls in the ClubWorks programme

ClubWorks - Rethinking Sport for Women and Girls

Vital to achieving the target of helping 1,000,000 Londoners become more physically active is helping more women and girls become engaged in activites across the capital. As it stands, there is a sizeable difference in the number of females taking part in physical activity in capital with 59.7% if females taking part in comparison to 64.9% of males. 

Working with the team at Women in Sport and using their ground-breaking insight into women and girls' participation, we enabled a number of our ClubWorks supported clubs to take part in a six month pilot to provide more intense support for clubs to help engage more women and girls in physical activity and sport.

The video below highlights some of the positives to take from the pilot:

Rich Croker, London Sport Strategic Relationship Manager, said:
"This project has given us the chance to learn, put research and insight into practice and to see what works when trying to engage more women and girls. In London, only 59.7% of women are engaged in physically activity in comparison to 64.9% of men. Programmes like this give us the opportunity to close that disparity in participation levels and engage more women and girls in physical activity."

Heather Smith, Innovation Manager, Women in Sport said:
"Working on Clubworks with London Sport has been a great experience for us at Women in Sport. We’ve been able to learn about clubs across London and understand their individual needs and barriers to engaging girls and women. Through this understanding we’ve used our unique insight into develop plans and create actions to help increase the engagement of women and girls in physical activity."

Over the past 6 months, each club involved attended four workshops. These were facilitated by Women in Sport who shared insight and prompted consideration of how they could best apply the teachings in their own setting. The clubs also received two visits from members of the Women in Sport team, where they were advised on consulting with their participants, adapting their marketing and communications to appeal to women, strategic approaches to delivering to women and girls, and leveraging key influences for women and girls in their setting. 

The overall impact of the pilot on the ClubWorks clubs has been very positive, with all clubs reporting an increased understanding of their audience and how to consult and market to women and girls with some clubs even starting to seeing an increase in participation as a result. 

ClubWorks is a programme managed by London Sport and funded by the Mayor of London. It is designed to help support clubs and organisations develop in the capital, getting 1,000,000 Londoners more active by 2020.

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