#LDNMovesMe competition winners

Congratulations to Hazel Childs, Ravi Sandhu and Andy Raju - our #LDNMovesMe competition winners

#LDNMovesMe competition winners

by Mieke Evans Mieke Stones

Thanks to all the Londoners who celebrated being active using #LDNMovesMe. We were blown away by the variety of activities and locations, in the sunshine and the rain. During May we ran our #LDNMovesMe competition and here are our lucky prize winners.

Ravi Sandhu, Wembley

Ravi wins a personal training session with Olympian and #LDNMovesMe ambassador Perri Shakes-Drayton for his endless commitment to showcasing his bhangra classes. 

Ravi Sandhu3Ravi, a Learning Specialist at a global digital marketing company moved from Coventry to London in 2010. Ravi's love for bhangra at an early age led him to become a dance teacher and create Pungra Fit with classes focusing on exercise first and dance second. At the end of each class the group take their ritual photo and when Ravi heard about #LDNMovesMe he began using the hashtag to show off bhangra activity to more Londoners.  

"The London Moves Me campaign has given us extra focus and extra reason to be proud about where we live and take part in this physical activity."

Hazel Childs, Barnet

Hazel Childs

Hazel wins a week's membership with Parkour Generations, including a personal session with an expert Parkour coach. A North Londoner and Finance Manager for the NHS, Hazel volunteers with the RSPCA and GoodGym in her spare time, combining her runs with doing good deeds. Hazel recently ran in The Vitality 10km completing it in under an hour for the first time. 

Andy Raju, Wembley

Andy is the lucky winner of a sports massage with Purus Active Health. Andy is passionate about running and also getting others into the sport. After completing the London Marathon in 2014 Andy's passion for running continued to grow and he completed a Leadership in Running Fitness course with England Athletics. Last month Andy started his own running group 'Run with Andy' where he leads group runs twice weekly in scenic London locations. 

Andy Raju1"London moves me as it is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. There is always something happening. It is fun, diverse, rewarding and social."

Congratulations once again to Hazel, Ravi and Andy. We hope you enjoy your well deserved prizes and thanks for showing us how London moves you.

#LDNMovesMe is our social campaign celebrating everything that is great about being active in our city. From a walk to work, to a fitness session at your local club, or outdoor lido swim, it all counts and we want to show it off. Show us how London moves you using #LDNMovesMe when posting your activity and we will be ready and waiting to show it off.