We support the physical activity and sport sector in London to find funding and use it in the best way plays a vital part in our efforts to get the capital more active.

That’s why we offer a range of services to support partners and individuals to secure new funding.

Search for funding

London Sport recommends My Funding Central for partners seeking funding. My Funding Central is a simple to use, up to date, online tool which has details of thousands of funding opportunities.

It is free to use for charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises with income of up to £30,000 per year and if your income is higher there maybe a small fee to pay. For example if your annual income is between £500,000 and £1 million this fee is only £300 per year.

Help with funding bids

Funding bids are often complicated, long and can be difficult to write while successful bids are well written and have supporting information, such as local insight.

How do you make sure that your application stands out from the competition? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself when writing your application:

  • Do you have data and insight to support your bid? Our Insight and Data Portal can provide the information to support your bid.
  • Is your project realistic and financially feasible?
  • Do you meet the funder’s criteria and will your proposal stand out from others?
  • Do you ensure your organisation sounds capable and credible, with clear and measurable aims?
  • Are your bid outcomes in line with the funder’s?

We help you with understanding funding bids and what you need to do, to put together the best bid you can as well as a free Check and Challenge service.

Free Downloads

This is a useful guide to help you develop an initial idea to the point where potential funders are asked to invest in it, such as considering the feasibility of your concept, building an evidence base and finding funding pots.

This is a useful guide to help you develop an initial idea to the point where potential funders are asked to invest in it, such as considering the feasibility of your concept, building an evidence base and finding funding pots.

Use this guide and My Funding Central to better understand what funding is available and how you can access it.

When writing an application to a public, lottery or trust funder an applicant will always be required to prove the need and that the concept is right to address that need.

A good way to start to consider your options is thinking about the type of evidence and the scale of evidence.

This is a short guide explaining these types of evidence, how to build evidence to support your concept, including how to build localised evidence, and where to find it.

Any organisation that is providing, or wants to provide, community facilities for physical activity and sport could gain funding for the development of those facilities, whether that be something entirely new or a refurbishment.

Applying for facilities funding can be a complex area so we’ve tried to help you by creating a short guide to get you started including practical and technical recommendations.

Those delivering physical activity and sport who are in need of funding often overlook sponsorship as an opportunity to gain funding.

Yet, increasingly organisations are finding success in diversifying fundraising to include corporate funding, and sponsorship can be a great way of securing regular funding over a longer period.

Our simple guide offers some useful support if you are considering securing sponsorship.

Contact Us

To get in touch with our team, contact funding@londonsport.org

We can help you identify funding opportunities to allow your club/organisation/group to grow.

London Sport Consultancy can help you refine your project concept and initiate a tailor-made fundraising strategy to put you on the road to greater success.

We offer support with writing effective funding applications, including evidencing the need and funding workshops as well as help in looking for alternative fundraising opportunities.

We can also help you with:                 

Options appraisal

Funding opportunities analysis

Bid Review

Bid preparation 

Funding Advice Blog Series

Following on from London Sport Consultancy’s successful webinar series on grant funding, we’re sharing more in-depth learnings through a funding advice blog series.

Applying for grant funding is a highly competitive process. Doing the basics is rarely enough to enjoy consistent success, certainly when applying for higher value grants which involve more complex applications and management requirements. In this series, we cover some of the more complex aspects of being “grant-ready” and why they are important to grant-makers.

This blog explains the first element of ‘grant-readiness’ that organisations in the sport and physical activity sector need to consider, including the following:

  • Registering with relevant authorities
  • Having a strong and diverse board
  • Up-to-date organisational policies around safeguarding, equal opportunities and data protection
  • Warning signs grant-makers will look for
  • Important things to consider in order to demonstrate you can manage finances at the required level
  • Do you use appropriate communication channels to help engage different demographics experiencing unique needs, barriers and habits?
  • Does your online presence strike the right tone for your organisation or ask?
  • Monitoring, evaluating and evidencing impact of your project on beneficiaries 
  • Co-design and development of project with target beneficiaries  
  • Level of ownership and voice beneficiaries hold throughout delivery of project 
  • An outline of the basic expectations from a grant-giver of your organisation.
  • Be aware of expectations and manage your grant carefully, so you don’t damage the relationship with your grant-giver
  • Ten tips to help you manage your grant well and to keep your grant-maker happy.

Examples of our work:

Secured £45k funding for Project TurnOver 

82% have been able to successfully overcome the driving issue that
brought them to Project TurnOver

96% of participants reported improved physical
and mental health

Boosting the local sector’s strength to source income

Delivered a series of workshops on grant funding

Knowledge has been used to help source appropriate bids

Supporting the production of high-quality grant applications 

Developed a robust business plan to ensure future financial sustainability

£135,000 of capital and revenue funding secured

Developing a robust proposal to secure new funding

A three-strand approach was proposed

£235,000 with the potential for additional £160,000 investment 

More information and contact details:

For more information on what London Sport Consultancy can do for your business, email our Funding Consultancy Expert Jordan Barber-Roberts

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